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He had a very difficult childhood in the slums of the South before his parents sold him.

He was experimented on and now he's an A-M. There's still a lost little boy hiding inside Jack, one that Candy and Ivy want nothing more than to comfort. Ivy is the peacemaker, so to speak, who wants the three of them together. He is constantly trying to take care of both of them to the best of his ability.

Now I'm going to veer from my "normal" review type mainly because so much of this book contains enormous spoilers, and the last thing I want to do is ruin anyone else's enjoyment of this incredible novel. Instead, I'm going to focus on all the things that made my heart break, made me sigh, made me laugh, and made me cry. Essentially, everything that made me fall in love with this world all over again.

Please find my full review at Rainbow Book Reviews The third installment, Candy Land, is by far the best yet. Simply put, this novel gave us more depth on the main characters that have made such an impact in every other story. This installment was a natural evolution of different plot points that had been left open-ended.

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It was the most satisfying of stories because you saw yet more relationships develop and long lasting ones grow and change. Woven through all this action was the murder investigation of whores who had been brutally attacked in a series of macabre BDSM scenes. All the while, she did it with such finesse that the reader was able to keep up with every ball she thrust aloft.

Molly and the Giant

Candy is expanding the business, making it more elite, less tawdry, and creating an oasis in City M by tearing down former whore houses to create everything from better brothels to scenic parks. However, his friends feel Candy has lost some of his joy, along with his crazy colored hair and flamboyant dress. In particular, Ivy longs for the old Candy—the one who was less involved in business and more involved in loving Ivy.

Jane Yolen

While they might not agree on everything, Ivy and Candy are in accord about Jack, an investigator, who can best be described as very quiet and asexual. Given that Candy needs sex like most people need to breathe, Ivy struggles to see how he can bring the two people he cares most about together.

The beauty of this unfolding relationship is how two very sexual men deal with their partner, who is more of a cuddler than an active sexual participant. Lissa Kasey brilliantly exposes how these three can fit together and all come out satisfied when their sexual needs are so vastly different. What Jack needs is intimacy on a different level—one where simple things like holding each other as they sleep, or mere touch, suffice. Yet, he is also exceptionally tuned into what his partners need and provides them with enough sexual interaction so that all three of them are satisfied.

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It is a beautiful coupling each and every time these three have page time. Beyond the fascinating people in this novel, the story is packed with action, fraught with tension and, at times, gut-wrenching. More than once, there is the real possibility that a main figure may not make it to the end of this installment. More than once, my heart was in my throat with the fear that someone I had come to love in this series could possibly not survive the onslaught of hostile forces meant to tear City M apart. What an incredible storyteller Lissa Kasey is to run several plot points simultaneously and never let any of them unravel.

The created world, larger than life characters, and intricate storylines make this one of the best series out there today. This third installment, Candy Land, has it all: romance, suspense and heart stopping action! I highly recommend it to you. A Joyfully Jay review. The author not only weaves in personal relationships, but also continues on with the world building and the overall larger arc of the government and those that have been genetica A Joyfully Jay review. The author not only weaves in personal relationships, but also continues on with the world building and the overall larger arc of the government and those that have been genetically mutated.

We then get more on Jack as well as Ivy. Both of their stories are filled with despair, but they have both come far and are managing the best they can with remarkably uplifted spirits. Jack is a loner. He likes companionship and cuddling and enjoys reading to Ivy under a blanket. He is able to give Ivy, and then Candy, what they need but will never suggest or initiate physical intimacy.

See a Problem?

So a portion of the story is the three men figuring out how they can have a relationship. There is a strong connection that develops between all three of them due to many intense circumstances. Another portion of the story is City M and how it is evolving right along with its inhabitants.

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The story is filled with fantasy and sci-fi elements and answers are revealed to long-held questions that have had an arc throughout the entire series. Aki is still a critical element and his past and continued evolution are also in the forefront of the story. Read Michelle's review in its entirety here. View 1 comment. Let there be dragons. I am saddened that this is the end. But it was perfect to see their city safe and everyone found their HEA.

Nor his own interest in Jack. When Jack gets called in to help the City M police department investigate a series of violently murdered companions, both Candy and Ivy brace for trouble. But nothing prepares them for Candy becoming the prime suspect. In a future landscape of corrupt government officials, brutal BDSM crimes, and a host of dark creatures, Candy, Ivy, and Jack must work together to find the killer, save themselves—and learn how to trust each other.

I may cry. I will miss these characters so much, that I may just have to read this series again. I read so many books that they tend to fade from my memory quickly. I loved every character that was part of the Hidden Gem family. I will definitely have to check out other books by this author. The plot of this book has Candy growing the Hidden Gem club and growing the red light district into a cleaner adult playground while Paris builds his casino and hotel.

There is a little jealousy going on between Candy, Ivy and Jack, but when suspicions fall on Candy for a string of murders appearing to be BDSM related. They all must work together to find the real killer.

The Secret Path

To make matters worse, there is an attack coming towards City M and Aki may be at the center of it. The end of this series brings all the chemistry, passion and heat to a chaotic ending. Loved the ending with its final showdown. Aki and Candy are pretty amazing. I loved how Ms. Kasey developed these characters, always leaving something hidden for us the reader, to discover.

Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club Original review on Molly Lolly Four and a half stars! I absolutely loved this final book in the trilogy. It brought everything full circle so you could see exactly where all of the pieces lined up and how everything that we learned in the first two books was connected. I loved getting to see Candy, Jack, and Ivy come together and form a relationship.

These three are so good together. But once he got it he was so wonderfully supportive of giving Jack what he needed and wanted. The scene where he talks with Hack about attraction was beautiful. The way Ms. Kasey wrote it was amazing. Ivy was so sweet with his almost innocence. Part of me cheered for Candy and Jack to shelter him. But when he got all fierce and protective of his men, oh my word! I was in awe of how far he was willing to go to ensure they were safe.

I think Jack was my favorite though. He grew so much in the story. The way he goes from insulated and isolated to considering people family was such a wonderful spreading of his wings. The way he settles into his new life and his new outlook was so well described. The way the plot flowed and all of the clues brought together for everyone to see and find out what happened was so amazing. As someone that has loved this trilogy from the start it was the perfect way to end the series.

All of the questions I had about the why, how, who, and what next were answered. It was done in a way that made me continue to love all of the characters and the setting. Kasey created. It is so encompassing I kind of want to go there. Though maybe without me having to change to be a part of it. I would never say no to more books with all of these characters. And that makes me immensely happy.

First, let me preface this review by stating that this is my first foray into the world of urban fantasy. Each of them is strong in their own ways, even if they are submissive in nature. The bad guys were great characters too…even though you hate them.